About Us

The government we have has blocked a $15/hour minimum wage for workers while doling out huge tax breaks to corporations, blocked a Green New Deal while expanding fossil fuel infrastructure, done nothing to stem the affordable housing crisis while handing out millions to out-of-state luxury housing developers, taxed working people at a higher rate than the wealthiest, cut Medicaid, failed to provide our children a quality education, refused to get money out of politics and on and on.

But there are 1 million Rhode Islanders – 1 million of us ­– and the RI Political Cooperative is working to build the largest grassroots movement in the history of the state. Together, we can elect a government that works for all of us.

We already have 15 outstanding candidates on board and will be announcing more soon. See our candidates here. 

We are building a people-powered membership movement so they have the support they need to win.

Join the RI Political Cooperative and support a slate of Democratic candidates who have the courage to challenge the corrupt, corporate-backed political establishment – and work only for the people.

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