Woonsocket City Council

About Charmaine

Charmaine Webster came to Woonsocket twenty-two years ago in search of a safe, affordable community to raise her five-year-old son. In Woonsocket, she found an incredible community of people who would become mentors for her children. Charmaine has always given back to the city that welcomed her, but as the city’s needs and her children’s needs changed, Charmaine looked for ways to broaden her reach and offer more support to her community. Charmaine currently serves on the leadership team for W.A.T.C.H. (Woonsocket Alliance to Champion Hope) Coalition working to provide a safe environment for youth and address racism in Woonsocket.

“I’m a committed member of the Woonsocket Alliance to Champion Hope (WATCH) and the Woonsocket Boys and Girls Club. I am running for city council of Woonsocket out of pure love for our city and to be the voice of the politically muted.

Through representation, my voice and the voices of other like-minded people will unapologetically demand systems and policies that address the needs of our community and its diverse population.”

Charmaine Webster

Charmaine stands up for her community

When Charmaine’s youngest son was diagnosed with cancer, it was a turning point for her. Charmaine saw that her community needed more support than she could offer giving rides, or making people food. She saw that we have to change the system so people have reliable public transportation and don’t have to go without food, so they aren’t kicked out of their homes during a pandemic, so they’re not struggling every day just to live. Charmaine decided to run because she wants to work for the fundamental change her community needs.

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