Cynthia Mendes

For Senate District 18 

Cynthia Mendes has made Rhode Island her home for almost two decades. A single mother actively involved with volunteering to serve the most vulnerable in our community with her daughter by her side. She has worked in healthcare for many years and is an avid champion for medicare for all. Her work has sparked her commitment to use her voice to call for insurance companies to be held accountable for leaving local families both physically and financially at risk. She knows what it is like to work several jobs and still struggle to provide for her family.

She has raised her voice and advocated for her community when needs of working families have been ignored. She is known for speaking up for those around her both personally and in her activism. As a candidate for State Senate for district 18 East Providence/Pawtucket she will fight for better wages and healthcare for all families.

“During my time as a health care professional, I have seen the stress and anxiety of worried mothers who can’t afford the care their children need.  I will work hard to make sure that families who find themselves undercovered by their insurance can get the healthcare they need.”