Senate District 26

About Eric

Eric Asselin grew up in Pawtucket, Rhode Island to two working class parents and now resides in Cranston with his wife and two young daughters. He fulfilled his dream of becoming a public school teacher in 2005. He has witnessed firsthand the lack of investment in public education that has caused crumbling infrastructure and the lack of necessary resources our children need, more than ever after the COVID pandemic.

Now a sole proprietor as well, he has seen how the working, middle class needs to work harder and longer hours for less. When elected, Eric will fight for all working families, in every neighborhood, invest in their children’s future and help make the American Dream a reality!

“I have had the teaching career I wanted since I was six and consider myself fortunate for that. I love the work, the students, and my colleagues. However, everyday I see the lack of investment in public education. The infrastructure is crumbling, teachers are constantly asked to do more with less, and working families struggle with the costs of early childhood education. As your senator, I will fight to invest in working families’ most valuable asset…their children.”

Eric Asselin

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