Senate District 18

About Greg

As a teacher, parent, and activist, Greg is running for Senate to ensure that his 6 year-old son inherits a livable and sustainable planet.
Greg is deeply invested in our democracy and he is frustrated that the rich and powerful buy access to politicians and legislation that benefits the few and not the many. As a teacher and activist, Greg is terrified that his students will have to face a world where they have to contend with crushing student debt, in a country and state where 95% of people are one catastrophic medical condition or incident away from losing their life savings.

“Hi, my name is Gregory Greco, and I am a Democrat running for State Senate because I believe that our state needs people running for office more interested in serving their constituents than serving powerful and entrenched interests.  

These crucial problems are not going to solve themselves, and they are not going to be solved by politicians who ask for what they think is feasible instead of fighting for what they know is necessary.  This moment calls for bold leadership, and I respectfully ask for your support to provide it.”

Gregory Greco

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