Senate District 12

About Jenna

Jenna was raised in the Chicago area by working-class parents. When the local school budget was slashed, Jenna’s family moved to an area they struggled to afford so the kids could get a better education. This cemented education as central to Jenna’s life and she is proudly “public school made” for her K-12 education, her undergraduate degree, and both of her Master’s degrees. 

“I have seen firsthand the impact that inadequate healthcare can have – but I’ve also seen the impact that quality, affordable healthcare for all can have, and will work hard to make it available for all of Rhode Island’s families.”

Jenna Magnuski

Jenna supports her community

Jenna is active in Little Compton’s community. She is a member of three committees at her local public school: for Wellness, Social-Emotional Learning & Educational Equity, and School Improvement. In response to issues of race and racism in Little Compton, Jenna joined the Little Compton Coalition for Racial Justice. She’s also a member of the Little Compton Budget Committee. Recently, Jenna and a group of other town residents formed Love Wins Little Compton, a nonprofit committed to meeting the needs of LGBTQ+ community members.

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