As a Rhode Island Political Cooperative Member, you will:

Be invited to attend the Rhode Island Political Cooperative Convention with all of our candidates and hundreds of other grassroots members.

Be invited to participate in regular video conference calls and special events with the candidates.

Receive early alerts of opportunities to volunteer for the candidates and advocate for issues.

Receive a members’ newsletter.

Be part of a diverse, growing community of people fighting for the change we need.


Join us!

Help elect Democratic candidates across the state who are committed to working for the people not for corporations and the connected.

To join, you pledge to donate $10/month (about the cost of one Dunkin Donuts cup of coffee a week!) to our candidates’ campaigns to ensure they have the grassroots donations needed to stand up to the corporate-backed establishment and win.

You can pick the candidate you want to donate to or you can have your donation automatically go to the candidate next in line in our rotation.

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People often say, “I’m only one person – what difference can I make?” 

But as a member of the Rhode Island Political Cooperative, you won’t be alone. You will be part of a diverse movement of dozens of candidates and thousands of grassroots members across the state.

There are 1 million Rhode Islanders and the RI Political Cooperative is working to build the largest grassroots movement in the history of the state.

So, yes, you are only one. But you are one in a million. And together, we can elect a government for the people and solve the challenges we’re facing.