Zach Colón

For Warwick City Council Ward 9

Zach has lived in Warwick since he was two weeks old, and has been lucky to be able to live in the same home his whole life.  He has a deep love for the city, and after attending Harold F. Scott Elementary, Winman Jr. High, and Toll Gate High, he feels the need to be part of the transformation of the city’s schools so they can become the best in the state. 

Zach organized and led a walkout of over one hundred Warwick high school students in December 2016 to protest the failure to adequately serve the needs of special education students.  He is running to represent the people of the city, not the lawyers and career politicians currently running the city.

“As a lifelong resident of the city and a graduate of the Warwick public school system, I’ve seen the challenges facing our city and our schools.  I’m running for Warwick City Council in Ward 9 to demand educational, economic, social, and environmental justice, and to fight against political corruption in our city.”