We can have a rhode island for the people

The RI Political Cooperative is building a statewide grassroots movement to elect a government in 2020 that will work for the people of our state – not for corporations or the connected.

Electing two or three candidates won’t be enough. That’s why our mission is to elect a slate of 25 new Rhode Island state legislators in 2020 – enough to vote in a new House Speaker and new Senate President and form a new governing majority – and to elect governing majorities in city and town councils across the state.

RI Political Cooperative candidates pledge to accept no donations from corporate PACs, corporate lobbyists or the fossil fuel industry.

Tiara Mack

Senate District 6

Adamaris Villar

Central Falls City Council

Jennifer Douglas

Senate District 34

Moira Walsh

House District 3

Jeanine Calkin

Senate District 30

Kendra Anderson

Senate District 31

Alex Hoffman

Senate District 1

Melanie DuPont

Senate District 22

Jonathan Acosta

Senate District 16


RI Political Cooperative Candidates Will Fight For:


 $15/hour minimum wage & equal pay for equal work

A Green New Deal & 100% clean energy by 2030

Affordable housing for all

Medicare for all, including women’s health

Equal rights for all, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation

Corporations & the rich paying their fair share of taxes

Quality public education for all children & tuition-free public college

Money out of politics & ending political corruption

Oppose family separation and provide drivers’ license eligibility to undocumented Rhode Islanders

Criminal justice reform, including banning for-profit prisons

Common sense gun control

join the ri political co-op!

The government we have has blocked a $15/hour minimum wage for workers while doling out huge tax breaks to corporations, blocked a Green New Deal while expanding fossil fuel infrastructure, done nothing to stem the affordable housing crisis while handing out millions to out-of-state luxury housing developers, taxed working people at a higher rate than the wealthiest, cut Medicaid, failed to provide our children a quality education, refused to get money out of politics and on and on.

But there are 1 million Rhode Islanders – 1 million of us and the RI Political Cooperative is working to build the largest grassroots movement in the history of the state. Together, we can elect a government that works for all of us.

We already have 15 outstanding candidates on board and will be announcing more soon.

We are building a people-powered membership movement so they have the support they need to win.

Join the RI Political Cooperative and support a slate of Democratic candidates who have the courage to challenge the corrupt, corporate-backed political establishment – and work only for the people.

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