House of Representatives District 49

About Alex


Alex Kithes was born and raised in Woonsocket, to a family of working class Greek immigrants. He’s a proud graduate of the Woonsocket public schools – where he got his start organizing against education cuts – and of Boston University and Brown University. He’s worked as a waiter, an engineer, a researcher, a writer, and an organizer, and served a term on the Woonsocket City Council.

Most recently, he serves as the Executive Director of the grassroots community organization Rebuild Woonsocket. He also organizes with local progressive groups Sunrise Providence, the W.A.T.C.H. Coalition, BLM RI PAC Advisory Committee, and Climate Action RI. And outside of politics, he is an avid gardener, chicken-keeper, painter, and cook.

“I’m running because I love Woonsocket, and I believe we deserve a bright and livable future. We don’t have time to waste on politics-as-usual and politicians who aren’t committed to solving our big problems. We need champions in our state government, who are willing to fight for a high quality of life for the working class, a clean and stable environment, a transparent and accountable government, housing and healthcare as human rights, and true justice for all. I’m running alongside some really great members of our community, and together we will transform our state and city, and reemerge from this difficult moment in history together, stronger than ever.”

Alex Kithes

A Voice for Woonsocket

Alex’s work as an activist and organizer started in high school, fighting alongside classmates and teachers against education cuts. Since then, he’s championed issues of local sustainability, good government, economic and social justice, and adequately addressing the climate crisis with a Green New Deal. He ran for – and got elected to – the city council in 2019 to advocate for our people and our future, and he’s working to build a community-based movement for a better Woonsocket as the Executive Director of the grassroots organization, Rebuild Woonsocket.


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