Providence City Council Ward 14

About Andrew

Andrew Poyant is a dedicated father of three young children. Andrew and his wife Fernanda moved to Providence 7 years ago and chose the creative capital to raise their children because they enjoy Providence’s diverse cultural background and artistic atmosphere. Andrew is an environmental scientist who has advocated for affordable housing, high-quality education, and environmental justice at the city and state level. Andrew wants to continue to advocate for what he believes is right and what is needed for families to succeed: housing, living wage jobs, and quality education.  Andrew wants to build a platform where honesty, open conversation, and open minds can discuss what is best for the neighborhood while inviting all people to the table.

“As a father, I am tired of seeing a lack of urgency by our elected officials to address the needs of our families and community. I want to bring that urgency to city hall.”

Andrew Poyant

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