House of Representatives District 64

About Brianna


Brianna was born in Providence, raised in Warwick, and has settled in East Providence. Raised by a single mother, Brianna learned how to be resourceful, resilient, and tenacious. She’s of Native American, African-American, and Cape Verdean descent.

Brianna’s passions in life are education and the arts. She is a theater teacher at Valiant Arts Studio, serves in ministry, and creates social media content.

Teachers growing up always told her that she was incredibly bright, but that she talked too much. As a proud Classical High School alumna, she’s ready to take her smarts and her gift of gab to the statehouse to create long lasting change.

“I believe that ‘we the people’ should actually mean just that. Our voices shouldn’t be muted by corruption and a wealthy few. I’ll be the champion of the sick and tired, and I will fight for quality education, livable wages and equity for all—not just for our future, but for right now!”

Brianna Henries

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