Senate District 14

About Megan

Megan is privileged to be a fourth year medical student at Brown University and through her training has witnessed how systematic marginalization, food and housing insecurity, wage stagnation, environmental degradation and racial injustice all lead to very real physical and mental health consequences. In her role as Senator, she will act every day to put the people of the community first, not corporate or financial interests, to help each person live the healthy, safe, and dignified life they deserve.

Megan lives with her partner, Nick, in Rumford. They feel very lucky to have found such a welcoming community there. She loves to cook for friends and family and is working on her gardening skills.

“I am not running for office for me. I am running for you, for our community, for the kids we have, the child I hope to have. I pledge to hear you and to fight for what this community needs – like stable housing, fair wages, and investments in education – and to protect what is ours: the environment and our right to reproductive freedom.”

Megan Duckworth

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