House of Representatives District 22

About Zak

Zakary Pereira is a lifelong Rhode Islander and lives with his partner in the Riverview neighborhood of Warwick.

Son of a grocery store worker and a public-school teacher, Zakary grew up the youngest of four in a middle-class family. He started working at 14 to put himself through college, working up to 3 jobs at once while attending Rhode Island College. Today, Zakary has a career in higher education admissions and is finishing his M.B.A. Through his life experiences, Zak knows firsthand what it is like navigating a rigged economy. He is a staunch advocate for increased investments in education, infrastructure, housing, and healthcare.

“Costs of goods and services, taxes and healthcare premiums have continued to increase, while our paychecks have barely budged. Rhode Islanders work harder and longer yet continue to be one medical bill, or one surprise car repair, away from bankruptcy. The reason I am running to be the next representative for District 22, is because the promise of America needs to be shored-up. And I promise my fellow Warwick residents, I will work every day on Smith Hill towards doing my part in that effort.”

Zakary Pereira

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